Sunday, February 17, 2008

I had my baby

I haven't posted in quite some time, and a lot of things have occurred since I have been gone. I had my baby 7 weeks early, and I am currently visiting her each day at the hospital. I so wish she were home with me and my crew. Unfortunately, that is not going to happen until she gains a whole lb. I am praying that she can gain at least two ounces per day. That would mean she could be home in eight days. On top of that I have all of the pregnancy ailments anyone can imagine. Engorged breasts...check, thrombosed hemorrhoids.....check. Itchy emergency c-section incision...check. Swollen feet.....check. Bad hair......check. Needless to say all these things fail in comparison to having to visit my baby at the hospital. I would give just about anything to spend time with my baby at home. I haven't been cleared to drive yet so I have to depend on my hubby to take me to the hospital. This is bad because he is so tired. I wish I could drive. I would go when I felt like it. At any rate. I am a blessed individual. My three lb baby is thriving. To God be the glory.

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