Monday, October 26, 2015

Don't touch my child

Watch this video clip.

There was no reason for this to happen.  Policemen are supposed to be professionals.

Saturday, March 14, 2015


December 4 2013 was the day before my life changed forever. On December 5, I had a stroke.  There are so many things I need to say.  I will say them later.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Generational Gaps

Two of my coworkers are arguing with each other.  One is considerably older than the other. They both feel like they have been slighted by the other.  They really should agree to disagree, but that didn't happen.  The older of the two is generous to a fault.  She has treated us to dinner and lunch on several occasions.  She has spent a significant amount of money.  She needed to pay the younger co worker for something that her granddaughter needed for cheer-leading.  The older coworker is leaving in two weeks and she felt she shouldn't pay and that the younger co worker should consider her feelings and all the things she has done for her.

Instead of allowing the situation to blow up I encouraged my younger coworker to smooth things over with our older coworker.  Unfortunately these situations keep happening.  Should the younger person always defer to the older person?  At what point do you tell someone older about themselves?  If you tell them off, are you being disrespectful?  Was I wrong to tell her to defer to our coworker?

If the coworker was going to stay, I would not have encouraged the deferential role.  Sometimes you have to let people know how you feel and let them know that they are wrong.  You can do that in a respectful manner by being forthright and direct.  But don't expect the person to change their behaviors. They will probably just change their interactions with you.

As a young lady I was raised to be respectful to my elders and I usually am.  I just hope that when I get older I remember how I felt as a young woman.  I want to remember that I am not infallible.  I want to continue to learn from the young.  I want to be that foxy older lady.  I want to age with wisdom and grace.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Well I'd Never.....

We are all quick to say what we won't do.  I would never steal.  I would never cheat. I would never lie.  Yet we struggle with these three things daily. According to twitter, you all have morals and scruples.  According to your actions you definitely cheat, lie and steal.

Now I am not leaving myself out of the equation.  I strive to not do those things, but I come up short quite a bit.  I often get quiet when it comes to certain relationship scenarios.  I can't tell any of you how to conduct your lives, but I know that many of us say we would leave a no good cheating man, but it may take longer than we anticipated. There is a reason  that folks continue to repeat the same behaviors.  They repeat them because taking the high road ain't easy.  It is kinda like the baby principle.  A baby wets his diaper yet he cries when you try to change it.  Some of us are in deep poo but it's comfortable.  So we stay in bad situations because they are comfortable. The flesh is weak and sometimes we are weak.  I am not gonna judge the behavior because I know I have done some dumb stuff, all in the name of love.  Some of the things I did were so stupid, I refuse to share them.  Just know that those reality show ladies are not alone in their shenanigans.  Or in the words of my Grandmother... "keep living chile".  Oh, and I hope your denials keep you warm at night.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Monday Morning Hangover (I bought them too much again)

Each year I set a budget for my Christmas shopping.  I even downloaded a Christmas list app, and lo and behold... I still overspent.  I purchase things with my children in mind and this time was no exception.  The problem is, I still have not purchased any clothes for them.  This year they all are attending schools that do not require uniforms.  So they are going to need clothes too.  I still have people on my list and I probably should feel guilty, but I do not.

I have a confession to make.... I love to give gifts.  Gift giving makes me feel so good.  And once I got out of my own way I realized that I love giving so much more than receiving.  Since I had my babies, I have realized that I don't really care much about gifts.... The only person I expect a gift from is my spouse.... Any extra is just gravy.  I also don't purchase gifts for myself until after Christmas, if I decide to purchase them at all.  So I say that I am upset at my spending.... but I am lying.  I am not.  Let's just hope that in January, I am not crying the blues.  I hope you all got out and did a little shopping, or in my case did a little shopping online.

I am leaving you with a little music to get you in the mood.....