Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Well I'd Never.....

We are all quick to say what we won't do.  I would never steal.  I would never cheat. I would never lie.  Yet we struggle with these three things daily. According to twitter, you all have morals and scruples.  According to your actions you definitely cheat, lie and steal.

Now I am not leaving myself out of the equation.  I strive to not do those things, but I come up short quite a bit.  I often get quiet when it comes to certain relationship scenarios.  I can't tell any of you how to conduct your lives, but I know that many of us say we would leave a no good cheating man, but it may take longer than we anticipated. There is a reason  that folks continue to repeat the same behaviors.  They repeat them because taking the high road ain't easy.  It is kinda like the baby principle.  A baby wets his diaper yet he cries when you try to change it.  Some of us are in deep poo but it's comfortable.  So we stay in bad situations because they are comfortable. The flesh is weak and sometimes we are weak.  I am not gonna judge the behavior because I know I have done some dumb stuff, all in the name of love.  Some of the things I did were so stupid, I refuse to share them.  Just know that those reality show ladies are not alone in their shenanigans.  Or in the words of my Grandmother... "keep living chile".  Oh, and I hope your denials keep you warm at night.

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