Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Woogi World, Party time Excellent.......

Judging from my post, I would say that I grew up as a child in the eighties. Woogi World takes me back to that time, but with more wholesome directed entertainment. It was an excellent idea to set up a website that is a little bit like Second Life, but it is geared toward safety, rewards, and children. My daughter enjoys the site's interface, and she likes her woogi.

As an educator, I am pleased to say that I can recommend this site to my parents. They often vacillate between total internet freedom to total internet lockdown. It is nice to have something to recommend to them for their elementary school aged children.

The benefits of this site far outweigh any cost you may incur. Unfortunately you may have to buy an additional computer because the children may want to be on the website all of the time.
Children can earn money, create things, earn points, change their woogi's hair style and a host of other things.

For more information about this site, go and check it out yourself! Check out Woogi World here:

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Snow Betty said...

I am a child of the 80s too, so loved the title reference. I love that Woogi World creates an place that teaches kids good internet etiquette and parents can feel good about letting them play unsupervised. Great post :)