Monday, December 8, 2008

Baby Einstein Celebrates 10 years (Blog Tour)

Baby Einstein is a wonderful series. I am ashamed to say that I should have tried it out before I made a snap judgement about it. I viewed the 10th anniversary Baby Mozart DVD with my three year old and my 10 month old. The three year old was really into the actual movie, and my 10 month old liked the music. I liked the classical music in the video, and I really enjoyed the use of everday items and stuffed animals. My three year old cracked up when the stuffed animal doggie began to bark. My baby bounced up and down to the music, and watched in about 2 minute increments. I enjoyed the video, but it was not my favorite Baby Einstein product.

The Baby Einstein book was awesome. Both my girls wanted to "read" it at the same time. I really liked the tactile experience the book gives. My daughters are really into tactile learning experiences. The both loved rubbing the animals in the book.

The Lullaby Classics CD was the biggest surprise of all. I played it during my youngest daughter's nap time. She was out like a light in about two minutes. It usually takes five minutes or more. I don't know if this is typical of the Lullaby CD, but I would like to believe that it helped her drift off to sleep.

As an educator and a parent, I feel that it is extremely important for a parent to be a child's first teacher. Below are some tips for the DVD Viewing.
DVD Viewing Tips

Without exception, one of the most significant moments of discovery for any mom, is the day she realizes her baby truly recognizes her and wants her above all others. That bond, the super-glue of parent child attachment, is the foundation for baby’s healthy development.

At Baby Einstein, each DVD is designed to reinforce parent-child interaction by providing visually interesting, entertaining content that you and your baby can watch together. Whether the theme is art, music, or barnyard animals, each DVD offers an opportunity to cuddle, share, talk, or sing along with your baby. The DVD can also be a jumping off point for more parent child interaction during your everyday routine.

Talk! Talk! Talk!
From the moment we say that first hello to our new baby, we begin developing our little one’s language. So, when you’re watching a Baby Einstein DVD, you don’t have to be quiet. This is a chance to create little stories.

For example, if you see mechanical toys on the DVD, describe the action to your baby—“see the seals go UP the ladder. Now they’re sliding DOWN and around-- very fast.” If your baby starts “talking” back to your sounds, praise, cuddle, and imitate your baby to keep the conversation going. Even if you feel self-conscious about talking to a 6 month old, just stay the course. Your baby is probably listening and may show you with a smile, nod, or squeal, the many different ways they understand your language.

From the Video Theme to the Real World Scene
Whenever there is an opportunity to link what you have seen on the DVD to other experiences in baby’s life, make that connection. For example, if you watched a DVD about animals, you might say, “Oh, look. There’s a BIG fish on the screen. Do we have another fish in our house?” And off you go to look at your gold fish. This kind of activity shows baby that something we see in one place can be seen in other places too.

Bring it to Life
If children or puppets on the DVD are jumping or dancing, you can hold your little one and dance along to show baby how it feels. You can also play infant sized musical instruments to accompany the DVD Orchestra. Or, try using puppets or baby’s favorite stuffed animals to mimic the action in the DVD. You may get giggles from your little one. Babies usually want to do what they see and you can make that happen.

Make it Personal
Try making connections between what happens on screen with what happens in baby’s life. If you have a DVD that contains sign language, try some of the simpler signs with your baby. If you see how the puppets always do silly stuff, bring a puppet to mealtime to help you serve the food or provide additional encouragement to complete the meal.

Make it a Family Affair

Consider using DVD time as a way to interact with the whole family. If baby has an older sibling(s) around you can invite them watch the DVD with you. Encourage your older child to point out the names of the animals, say the colors, or even make animal sounds. They will probably love playing with baby and will be excited about showing off how much they know!
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WeeHands said...

Using sign language with babies (and toddlers) is a wonderful thing to do! Thanks for sharing!

Sara Bingham, WeeHands Founder
Author of The Baby Signing Book

“There are no hands so small that they cannot make a difference in the world." - Author Unknown

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