Monday, January 12, 2009

Let's get Cozi!

I am a very busy lady. Let's face it, most women are. Add children to the mix, and quite frankly things can get to be a little hectic. I needed an organizing solution, and I have tried the whole write things down on the family calendar, but quite frankly that doesn't always work well for me. I am a digital girl. I use my computer, and that is just about it. I very rarely put anything into a hard copy.

Well luckily there is Cozi provides me with the perfect solution. Below is a screenshot of what cozi looks like:

It is an excellent representation of everyone's schedule and it is all in one place. It is convenient, userfriendly, and it is not a collection of sticky notes with appointments on it. In addition, It is also has a feature that allows cozi to sync with your outlook or send you messages on your cell phone. This is a win win. Add the shopping list and time for a quick family journal and you have just about all you need.

Cozi can't organize my closet, but it can keep my crew's schedule at my fingertips. I highly recommend this free product! It can also email my husband my schedule, since he conveniently forgets it...... Gotta love Cozi.

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