Friday, January 23, 2009

Reprising the "Apology Tour" Inauguration Edition

I have not written anything even remotely inflammatory lately. Quite honestly, I have been too busy doing the mommy thing, and blogging for giftcards (trying to buy a nintendo wii using no cash from my household). I am however, a bit peeved. The morons over at Fox News have a problem with Jay-Z and Young Jeezy singing "The President is Black."

Now don't get me wrong. It is a catchy tune, and I actually listen to the song it tickles me. I don't listen to it when my girls are in the car for obvious reasons..... Now back to the matter at hand, somehow this is President Obama's fault. During the election the poor man had to apologize for ever man woman or child who was black, who said anything remotely offensive or racial.

Well in the spirit of equal opportunity, equality, and the ghost of racism past, I am going to allow people of other races in on the dirty little secret of "hardworking or educated" black people. For far too long black folks have always felt that we had to prove that we were not and are not the stereotype. Here are the most common:
  • I am an educated black woman.
  • I take care of my kids.
  • I am not a baby's mama; I am someone's wife and mother.
  • I have just as many degrees as you do or more.
  • I grew up in a two parent home.
  • I saw my daddy every day.
  • We don't all act that way.
  • I am well read.
  • I am articulate.
  • I have good grades.
  • I am not promiscuous.
  • The list drones on.
I wonder what it would be like to flip the script. Put white folks on notice. Call them out on their stereotypical crap. For your viewing/reading pleasure:
  • Are all ivy-leaguers as dumb as George Bush?
  • Do all white women have flat behinds?
  • Does BrittanySpears speak for all white women?
  • Is marilyn manson a role model to all white boys?
  • If Larry Craig is Gay are all republicans white males in Congress closet homosexuals?
  • Does Elisabeth Hasselbeck prove all blondes are dumb?
  • Does George W. Bush represent the intelligence of all Yale graduates?
  • Are all teenage white girls sluts like the girls on Girls Gone Wild?
The list could go on. In 2009 lets make a conscious effort to be responsible for ourselves. Let us also make a conscious effort to get rid of the stereotypes. All Black Men are not going to be President, and they all aren't thugs and criminals either.

Just a little food for thought.

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