Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What are you Taking?

I am on several medications, and during my pregnancy I could never remember what I was taking..... Just blame it on the Baby brain. Anywho, it would have been nice to know that information off hand. If I didn't know, it would be nice to have access to it. My mother, a diabetic, is on several different medications, and when I ask her what she is taking.... she can never remember it. My biggest fear is that one of us will end up in the hospital and no one will know what either of us is taking.

Thank God for Mednotes. Mednotes allows you to post all of your prescription information online. It can be accessed from anywhere. According to the Mednotes site:

Add your medications to instantly assemble relevant medical information in a simple, easy to read personalized format. Gain immediate access to in-depth consumer information, drug comparisons, historical news, FDA alerts, drug interactions, plus food, allergy and medical condition interactions.

Choose to be notified when new FDA alerts are issued and when any new drugs become available for any of your existing medical conditions. Use MedNotes to manage drugs and medications for any number of people.

This is excellent. I can easily access the information from anywhere. Thank God this service is available. I am sooo gonna sign my mom up for it today.

Luckily has provided this service. I am suprised someone didn't come up with this idea sooner.

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