Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ragu Blog Tour

Sweet Tomato Basil and Margherita are Ragu's newest flavors. I often use their products and I am currently in mourning for their primavera sauce. Can't find it anywhere. I have however tried their two newest flavors.

Nothing spices up a lame pasta dish like a new sauce. The sweet tomato basil was a hit. My husband is into the traditional meat sauce, but I like to switch it up. We had penne pasta noodles, sliced grill chicken with roasted bell peppers and the sweet tomato basil sauce.... Let's just say this dish may become part of the regular rotation.

The Margherita sauce was a hit with me and my husband (I used it in my spaghetti). My daughter however, told me she didn't like it, she preferred pasta salad. (She is 3.) I wouldn't put too much stock in her opinion because she is going tinot her massively picky eater phase. I loved the sauce and it had a nice robust flavor. I would give it a 4.5 out of five. For more information about Ragu's new sauces go to And for reviews of many of the products we like to use and a mom's perspective, go to

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