Tuesday, November 10, 2009

We Have Healthcare Reform….. No dancing in the endzone just yet.

Over the weekend Nancy Pelosi and the Whitehouse celebrated the passage of healthcare reform by a vote of 220-215. Time to break out the Kool and the Gang mp.3/record right? Wrong. Unfortunately for the White House, this is one of many hoops they must jump through in order to get passage of this reform bill. But the President can pencil this one into the win column, because the big challenge is approaching. The Blue Dogs in the Senate and Joe Lie-berman stand to bite the President on the backside once again and put the public option out to pasture. ( I know President Obama is ruing the day he campaigned for Joe Lieberman.) Add a Christmas wish of a deadline, and the next few weeks will continue the high drama that is known as Capitol Hill.

Even if this thing passes I wonder what we are actually getting. Is everyone getting insurance? And if so, which plan are we getting? Are we getting Blue Cross Blue Shield lite? Will my employer opt out of the wonderful plan I currently have and pay into the "public" option? Will I be able to get birth control pills paid for under this version of legislation? Will the Democrats have the balls to bypass the Republicans and the Blue dog Democrats and just create Medicare part E, as in healthcare for everybody? Or will the President go gimmicky and offer to cover pets so that he can get everyone on board? (White House, feel free to add the pet option.) Either way, those who aren't covered will have some sort of coverage, and ultimately this is Obama's goal. Maybe he can write that win in pen.

If you are interested in reading the actual bill click here.

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