Thursday, January 5, 2012

It's the New Year, (Well It's the fifth)

Well since I haven't been updating my blog regularly. I figured I would start this year. Unfortunately, I am using the 5 day grace period. I feel like this year is gonna be one of tremendous growth for me.

  • My buzzword/ theme for this year is timely. If I can just be more timely in dealing with people, situations, Life would be so much better!

  • Me time is also on my agenda. I need to pamper myself more. Or at least do the bare minimum. I have 3 kids, a husband, a baby brother, and a mother that I like to think I am responsible for. But everyone on that list except for the kids will keep if I take some time . (In my brother's defense, he never asked me to be responsible for him. ) Like time to go and get my eyebrows done. Like find a hair dresser that makes housecalls. Like take time to paint my nails and my toes. Something. Just doing something for me.

  • Sharpen my resume. I don't plan on leaving my job anytime soon, but since I last completed my resume, I have grown a lot. So I should put that on my resume!

  • Make time for my side hustle. I crochet and make blankets for babies. But I am not doing it as often as I like and free doesn't cover the expense of the yarn This year I want to make my blankets, and work out my side hustles.

  • Finally I want to be at peace with the decisions I make.

As you notice most of my goals are not quantitative, and that's okay. These are things that I can work on to continue to make me a better me.

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