Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year?

If you noticed my punctuation on the title of this post ended in a question mark.  I wonder what this year is gonna look like.  Will it be happy? Sad? Full of Joy? Sorrow? Another milestone?  Best year Ever?  I am unsure about all of it.  But I do know I am gonna cherish every moment.

I learned a lot about myself in 2012.  The most interesting reflection came about 2 days ago.  I am a bit selfish when it comes to my spouse.  Really giving to the world at large, but selfish to the one person that actually caters to my needs.  It was a very disappointing revelation because I pride myself on being a giving person.  So this year I am striving to do better. I will let you guys know how that works out.  Until then:

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