Monday, December 15, 2008

Please be Fire Smart!

I know that this is everyone's favorite time of the year. However, it is imperative that we remember to remain safe and keep safety in the forefront of our minds. Fire safety is extremely important during the winter and the holiday season. I want everyone to be warm and in one piece at the end of this holiday season.

I often get nervous during this time of year because fire places and live Christmas trees tend to catch on fire if they are not properly and safely used. I have visited patients in the burn ward, and quite frankly, it was not a pleasant experience. It was sad and horrifying to see just what kind of damage fire can do to the human body, and as horrible as being burned can be, being burned and destitute is far worse.

Please remember to educate yourselves and your children about fire safety.
In keeping with the fire safety theme, Liberty Mutual has a website call . The website has links for Parents, children, and educators. It also has a coloring book you can download for your children that teaches about fire safety. This will be a good activity to use while riding in the car, or even while at home. It can entertain the children while teaching them about fire safety. For more tips and helpful hints about fire safety visit Liberty Mutual's

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