Monday, December 15, 2008

Minimal is better. Repeat after me "Less is More."

How often have you gone to a function with your children and realized that you left your camera? Or if you remembered your camera, you left your phone? If you remembered the phone and the camera, but you forgot your laptop? How many of you manage to carry all three including the numerous bags and accessories that your children want/need for you to carry? If you fit in this category, a smartphone with a decent camera is probably what you need. In addition, if you are a mom and a multi-tasker, not just any smartphone will do. You need a smartphone with an excellent operating system, the flexibility to edit pictures, email, and to do all the things that a momma on the move needs to accomplish.

The Samsung Omnia fits the bill. It is only 199.00. If you are like me, inexpensive, efficient, and user-friendly are what we need in our gadgets. The Samsung Omnia has a 5 megapixel camera. This is excellent camera quality for a cell phone. Most cell phones only have 1.3 megapixels or less. Some of the newer phones have 2.0 megapixels. For the technology challenged, the larger the number of megapixels, the better the picture quality. So for people like me, who are on the go, and don't need anything else to think about bringing, the Samsung Omnia would be awesome.

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