Thursday, February 26, 2009

Way too many babies

Now Porn Comes Calling For Nadaya Suleman

Nadaya Suleman is easily the most vilified mother in recent history. She became famous for giving birth to eight children using invitro fertilization in January. The media have stopped at nothing to portray her as an irresponsible nitwit too crazy to know what is in her own best interests.

This issue is so much larger than Nadya and her 14 children. This is about the right of women to have autonomy over their bodies and our social obligation to care for all children. This is about women not being forced to make “choices” that are harmful to them to ensure the subsistence of their families. Suleman is a vulnerable woman and if we look closely we can all see a little bit of ourselves reflected in her.
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I disagree with you on this . She didn't have these children naturally. She paid the have them. I understand that you respect her right, but my problem is she made this choice thinking that someone was going to help her. She is not 17 and she should know better.

The porn industry is what it is, you know it , and I know it. I understand your points on the objectification. However, the reality is that we live in this society, and she was crazy to think that she was going to receive help for fourteen children. If anything we should ask ourselves why she wanted to have all of these children.

The "well they are here now and must be taken care of defense goes without saying, but don't expect me to like it. " We all would love to have extra help with our children. We all would love to have more respect for mothers and women and their reproductive rights in general, but let us not be remiss in identifying the real victims in this mess: her parents and her children.
Lets face it, she is mentally unstable and that is why they don't want to release her children. The next point is where in God's name is she going to put them and her parents home is in foreclosure.

She used her disability settlement to have herself implanted with more children. This is not good. She should not be held up for the poster child for reproductive rights. She chose to do what she did. She is not a teenage momma. Sorry. Lets just face facts. She is in her predicament because she chose to be implanted with all of those embryos because she wanted all of those children.

It was her choice.

Should people be villified for there choices. No, because we all have free will, but it would be remiss of any of us to think that we should celebrate this situation. I didn't think that the other multiple births and hoopla should have been celebrated the way that they have been either.

I can't stand John and Kate plus eight. Sorry, I just can't. If Nadya was thinking, I see your 8 and I raise you your 14. So be it.

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