Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I don't Want to Miss ... a thing! (blog tour)

If I remember correctly, I never wanted to miss a day of high school. Or school for that matter school is an awfully exciting place. Not to mention, I rather enjoyed going being there. I didn't want to miss any of the happenings that were going on while I was not there.

Chances are your teen doesn't want to miss school either. If they do, sickness is not one of the reasons they would want to miss school.

The clorox company is sponsoring the Idontwanttomiss PSA contest. At Idon'twanttomiss.com there is a competition that explores how cold and flu prevention will keep you from participating in the things that you don't want in your wonderful full teenage lives.

The competition has wonderful prizes! Your child can win a Brooke White concert at their school! So please encourage you teen to enter. The Deadline is March 11, 2009. I am sure your digital video afficianado's will definitely pull together a worthy submission in no time!

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