Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Open letter to Anthony Anderson.

Why in the world would a grown man attempt this foolishness?

And you all know good and well he believes he is getting it.

And you know that he looks right proud of himself for doing this played out breakdancing.

Dear Anthony,

I have restrained myself from commenting on your acting, your arrests, and your comedy. I can't however let this one slide. Why are you breakdancing at a basketball game? Are they not giving you enough attention over at law and order? Does your wife not tell you how wonderful you are? Are you missing your childhood like Micheal Jackson?

Why are you doing this? Is it a cry for help? If so, I apreciate you letting us know you are in need of extra attention. I tell you what, if you would stop making those crazy behind public displays, I will have my students write letters to NBC telling them you need a raise!

I am willing to do anything for the cause. I will only do this if you will stop with the dancing, and attention getting behavior.


Concerned 30+ year old

H/T to Rhymes with Snitch

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