Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Know Your Role (and shut your mouth)

Much is often made of our roles. How we as women are defined. And to some degree I agree with the feminists/womanists. I want to define myself. Why should I let a man or anyone else define me?

Unfortunately this train of thought hasn't crossed completely over to the mainstream. When people see me, I am someone's wife and someone's mother. So my accolades, my degrees, and all the things that I think make me unique and an individual don't really matter a bit. Kinda sticks me with the herd. Add to that the fact that I am an African American woman.... You get the picture.

Now I chose to be those things so when I complain people probably give me the side-eye. Simply because I should know my role and shut my mouth. At a point there probably is some truth to the statement. Knowing one's role is important. Letting one's role define you.... may not be a good thing.

Any thoughts?

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