Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How can I make it better? (blogtour post)

As a wife and mother, I spend lots of time trying to make life better for me, and my family. I often look for ways to maximize my time, and improve my quality of life. Unfortunately, the search can often be time consuming. (I can get lost in web surfing and surf for hours.) I have a few sites bookmarked, so I have some starting places. However, I like the idea of one-stop shopping. This is where comes into play.

Making Life Better has the following:
  • News and Offers
  • Beauty and Style
  • Home and Family
  • Vitality and Wellness, and
  • Tips
This is a wonderful website. I can find out what is on sale, what items have coupons, and what contests are open. I can even plan a menu around an item I found a coupon for in the news and offers section. Let's face it. It is a win win.

I am enjoying this site, and it has now moved to my bookmarks!. How do I keep finding all of these wonderful websites? At momcentral you can find book and product reviews by other moms. It is an awesome place, and it is bookmark worthy!!!!

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