Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mamapedia (blogtour)

How often have you found yourself rushing to the computer for advice on what to do with your baby? I know I have done it often. There are thousands of sites out there with lots of information. Some useful, some not. Mamapedia is like yahoo answers, google, and babycenter rolled into one. You can post a question and get hundreds of answers. You can also find helpful hints from items for dinner to places to vacation. The site provides lots of material for moms who are searching, and if they do not have an answer you can easily post a question. There is a wealth of information there, and you can rate the answers that are given and report answers if necessary. This is an extremely interesting resource, and I will definitely put it into my web rotation. Next time you are wanting to know something about your child or you want to ask questions of other moms who have children in your child's age bracket, try

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