Wednesday, July 8, 2009

No one ever tells you that Babys can bring Hemorrhoids..... Tucks Blog Tour

Prior to becoming a mommy, and my subsequent bouts with hemorrhoids I could never truly appreciate products like Tucks take along wipes. Now that I am on my third pregnancy and the hemorrhoid from my first pregnancy (it's name is Fred) has reappeared, I can truly say that the tucks medicated pads are the best thing that could happen to a girl going through that particular issue. The medicated tucks pads towelettes help keep me fresh when I am on the go and the container can be easily placed in my purse. They are soothing, and one thing a pregnant woman needs is the ability to be comfortable when a hemorrhoid has flared up.

Hemorrhoids are an unfortunate fact of life, but the beauty of it all is that Tucks has a line of products that will help with your comfort needs. Please visit for more information.

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