Thursday, January 21, 2010

After the Morning After

It is the day after the day that the dems lost their 60 votes, and all are in a tizzy, except for the president. He isn't in a tizzy at all. He seems strangely calm. And now that I think about it, I understand why. Monica Coakley was a horrible candidate. The President will never say this, but I am saying it because it is so true. The lady was spectacularly bad. (Stepping down off soap box and sitting on the edge of it.)

That 60 votes didn't help him a bit with his constituency in Congress. The Democrats had the supermajority, but they didn't know what to do with it. I am sure it frustrated the poor man no end to see that the folks continually looked for ways to mess things up. Now that the super majority is no longer in place, there seems to be a bit of relief! Whoosah, that monkey is off my back. Now on to doing some other things. Congress will pass something, and I am moving on.

Now what does this mean for Obama's presidency? Honestly I am unsure. All I know is those folks that are claiming that he will be a one-termer are watching closely. The real question is does he secretly want to be a one-termer after looking at the mess that he inherited.

My president looks gaunt and thin and he is aging by the minute. My heart goes out to him because being the President has lots of perks, but in some ways it is like being a teacher. Everyone expects you to be Jesus, McGuiver, and Jack Bauer all rolled into one. Sadly if the outcomes are not good for everyone you become the devil incarnate and an incompetent babysitter. Hopefully at the end of his term, Obama won't get blamed for not corralling the children properly and causing their retention.

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Todd said...

I agree, your president does seem to have aged a great deal in a year. Many in Canada speculate he will not outlive his presidency, but I think they hold that opinion for the wrong reasons. I believe the toll that such a stressful position takes on a "gentle man" may prove more than his body can handle. I admire him much more than our Prime Minister, simply because he is willing to shoulder responsibility, while our leader uses something called Prorogue to avoid culpability to his own government.