Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Why Valentine's Day Means a lot to me.

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I love, love, love Valentines day. Candy hearts with messages, chocolates, red roses, and teddy bears. All the cheesy Valentine's tchochkies often make me giddy when I see them. I love all the cheesiness of the holiday.

The most fun I would have all school year was writing out my little Valentine cards! I continued that traditon when I got my first homeroom class. They always got a Valentine's day card. I also made sure that the kid that was most likely to not get something, always got a nicer card than the others. Quite frankly, many times my card was the only one that they recieved ( I taught middle school).

As a child after they stopped making it mandatory to get Cards for all your classmates, I didn't get one. Was I a loser? I would like to think that I wasn't, but I probably wasn't the most likeable kid. My parents were strict. I talked too much. And quite honestly the odds of me being able to actually have a boyfriend in elementary school were slim and none. I was asked a few times, but my father was stricter than God in the Old Testament. So having a boyfriend was a definite no no.

But in my heart of hearts I always secretly coveted folks roses, candy, and teddy bears. My mom knew this so she always made Valentine's day a really, big deal. She would always go all out for the holiday. My Valentine's day drought continued for many years.

Fast forward to my Senior year in High school. I received a dozen roses and ballons, From the Atrium, our local florist! You couldn't tell me anything. I was working in the office and delivering everyone's gifts, and to my surprise there was actually one for me. My husband doesn't know it, but that day kinda sealed the deal for him. I knew I loved him, but that day I knew I always would. Those roses and that balloon are pressed in the pages of my Senior memory book.

So it kinda makes me a bit sad when I see and hear men complain about not wanting to buy the gift. Valentine's is a made up holiday, etc. etc. etc. This is unacceptable. To the men that are complaining about getting Valentine's Day gifts, and how much of a chore they are, stop it. Most women just want to know they are appreciated or admired. And most of us married women, just want to know that you still like us enough to want to suprise of with something nice.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Tyrone said...

I am a bigger fan of surprises. Get me something random on a day that isn't prescribed. I like to get flowers sometimes, just because. a pack of candy, do something special, take up a chore I hate, avoid yelling at me when I may deserve it. Those things mean a lot.

Anonymous said...

If you care about someone show it.

If they can't appreciate the way you show your care....bounce.

If they show you they care the way you like. You are winning with a flourish.

The math is easy...the execution is SO very, very hard.