Monday, August 12, 2013

How come teachers can't make 250K?

250K is not a lot of money.  Apparently that was the consensus. Someone said with kids in college, they were barely getting by.  I do so wonder how that same person could live on my salary then.  I wonder what it would be like to make that kind of money.  If I continue in my chosen profession, I may never know.  I teach for a living.  It is not a glamorous job. It is thankless, and unappreciated. And if you have been watching the drama unfold in state houses around the country, it is also being poorly funded.  My state ranks 48th in teacher salary and wants to keep me from getting Master's pay.... It's kinda tragic.

I don't do many of the things that would be considered a lucrative career. My salary may never reach that level.  In spite of that, I am proud of what I do.  Now if they would just pay me better........  Who knows, my teacher group may decide to play the lotto weekly.  Maybe we will win.

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