Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Buzz

Happy Birthday to my little guy. He was the hardest labor I had.  But he is the sweetest child I have.  My pregnancies are nothing to write home about.  Medication filled and rest inducing is what they are.  He was supposed to be born October 12.  He was supposed to stay inside 10 more weeks.  But much like my plan to have my children 2 years apart, that sorta fell through.  My blood pressure shot up insanely high.  Especially considering I was taking about 12 pills a day at that point.  The doctor's looked for fetal movements.  he refused to cooperate.  When they left he began to move.  Sadly his heart rate started to drop and they told me I was gonna have another preemie.  I was sad to have another c-section, but I knew I had to do what was best for my baby.

I went into the operating room and the anesthesia took forever to kick in.  When they started cutting me, he went underneath my ribs.  I wasn't numbed that far up.  Excruciating pain is all I remember.  The pain was so bad that they knocked me out.  I was in such pain afterward, I did not want to even go see my baby.  My mother asked had I seen him.  I told her no.  He would keep till tomorrow.  My husband rolled me down in a wheel chair to see him anyway.  He was the tiniest little thing.  But his nurses said he was sweet.  Thankfully he only stayed in the NICU for about 4 weeks.

I never thought I would have a son.  I am kinda partial to little girls.  I must say that my life has been greatly enriched by my little boy!

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