Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Favorite things remixed.

Oprah released her favorite things list and all I can truly afford on that list are her hairdresser's products and perhaps a pair of pajamas (only if I want to splurge though.)  Seriously most of those things are not priced for the average person and I am entering a daily contest to win these items. Link to enter here.  This is a list of my favorite things and it serves as a wishlist for those who want to give me a gift (I know that many of you don't, but indulge my fantasies and my foolishness).

I recently purchased a kindle.. No bells and whistles.  Amazon had it for 60 dollars off.  I only paid 9 bucks for it!  So my Number one favorite thing is a kindle gift card!

2.  My second favorite thing is an electric fur blanket.

I am cold-natured... I even microwave my fleece blanket.   I think I need this faux fur electric blanket in my life.

3.  The ipod shuffle.  I had one of the earlier generations of this ipod and I need a new one.  I listen to just enough music to justify having one.

4.  The outlate sandel.  I own a tan sandal like this and I need this chocolate brown color.  As a woman with a large foot, I must get these!

I would purchase these items for myself, but according to my spouse... Christmas is for kids and we have 3.

What things would you love to have on your favorite things list?


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